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Working with Dr. Carrie was instrumental in my success as a course creator, coach and trainer. After working with Dr. Carrie, I can confidently sell my training knowing that my clients will have a learning experience that has been designed for them as adult learners. Using adult learning methodologies ensures transfer of knowledge and sets me apart in the industry. I don’t understand why more people are not doing it. It is a great business decision. In a market where the consumer has so many choices, I will do what I can to set myself apart.

Cynthia Zenti

Founder / Integrated Selling

Dr. Carrie Graham helped me design and execute my first online course for adult learners. With Carrie’s specific insights, I made small but powerful adjustments to how I organized content and how I presented it. She cares deeply about you succeeding-whatever that means to you-and gives you 110% of her attention and thoughtful counsel throughout the process. I cannot recommend Dr. Graham highly enough.

Maggie Bergin

CEO / Be Understood Branding

With Carrie's extensive experience in education, I knew there were so many things I didn't even know that she could teach me. I was right. She was SUPER helpful and gave me the confidence and support to design my own course development process that I can use now and in the future. I feel so much clarity and so much less stress around my course content. She is brilliant and a must hire for any new course creator!

picture of terumi okano

Terumi Okano

CEO / Boston Tech Creative

You know when you've been working on something alone for so long... You're so close to the material. And you've got SO MUCH material. And all those extra notes. And reference books with folded pages. Carrie helped me focus and find the red thread between my key teaching points and the 'homework' part of my course (something I was spinning around for awhile).

Sarah Lang

Founder / S. L. Coaching

We hired Dr. Carrie when we were looking to refresh and improve our Certified training program. Her knowledge of adult learning and overall best practices was soooo helpful. I had been teaching this program for so long that I wasn't really able to see where/how we could be making changes - and Carrie's 'fresh eyes' on everything + her PhD level expertise gave us a new perspective and plenty of insight on how the program could be made stronger. She has a simple and effective process that took us from the basics of 'who is this training really for?' through to the nitty gritty of improving the curriculum itself. I highly recommend Dr. Carrie if you are looking to refresh a training program and want to ensure you are including adult learning best practices into the mix.

Tina Forsyth

President / OBM Certified Training

Dr. Carrie Graham is the real deal, managing the ideal blend of everything you want in a subject matter expert with pressing business needs. I was fortunate to have Carrie support an employee engagement project, where she took a set of survey results, created terrific, reliable reporting, derived great insights of what she found in the data, and led our work to meaningful, actionable recommendations. She uses great empathy, detail orientation and storytelling in her process, and she's a joy to work with. I highly recommend Carrie's thoughtful, accurate and expert approach to her work.

Dr. Nayla Bahri, PCC

Owner / N. B. Learning & Leadership

As the Coordinator of a leadership institute for health care professionals, I continuously seek out excellent speakers and facilitators. Dr. Graham remains one of the most effective and skilled speakers we have hosted. She is an excellent facilitator of discussion and brought a collaborative learning environment for attendees. Her session on Workplace Incivility was current, engaging, and thought-provoking. Dr. Graham presents potentially sensitive topics with the care and intention of an experienced professional. Her disarming demeanor allows attendees to feel comfortable in engaging in active learning. She received excellent scores on participant evaluations. I offer Dr. Graham my highest recommendation for those looking for an experienced and talented presenter on topics that advance employees at any organization.

Dr. Ashley Long, CBIS

Coordinator / Mt. Olive Medical Center

My existing assessment tool was time consuming and needed to create an effective and efficient process to assess learning. This was critical to having a comprehensive OBM certification program.

The new rubric is working well. The marking committee is really enjoying the specificity and the fact that it is "helpful in making the distinction for the projects that are on the borderline of a pass/redo”.  In a couple of cases it has really cut down on their marking time as well. Overall it’s been a huge help and is a big improvement on our previous system.

Dori Trattie

Director / Int'l Assoc of OBM

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