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Strategic planning for immediate training improvements and long-term adult learner application.

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Dr. Carrie Graham
Founder & Adult Learning Strategist

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Adults rely on effective instruction to learn how to be the best version of themselves at work and in life.

Employees rely on workplace trainings for onboarding, work-related success, and promotions.

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Clients rely on group coaching sessions to learn skills for the life they desire.

Tina Forsyth

Founder of Certified Online Business Manager
“We hired Dr. Carrie when we were looking to refresh and improve our Certified OBM training program. Her knowledge of adult learning and overall best practices was so helpful. I had been teaching this program for so long that I wasn't really able to see where/how we could be making changes - and Carrie's 'fresh eyes' on everything + her PhD level expertise gave us a new perspective and plenty of insight on how the program could be made stronger. She has a simple and effective process that took us from the basics of 'who is this training really for?' through to the nitty gritty of improving the curriculum itself. I highly recommend Dr. Carrie if you are looking to refresh a training program and want to ensure you are including adult learning best practices into the mix.”

3 signs your trainings are NOT supporting adult learning.

Minimal Learner Engagement
Individuals report feeling overwhelmed by content.

Clients stop participating in learning experiences.
Limited Understanding
You need to frequently represent trainings/coaching.

You are consistently answering the same questions.

Individuals do not complete self-directed trainings or fail testings.
Poor Skills Application
Employees are not applying information and skills.

Adults are making mistakes or poor decisions despite being trained or coached.

Easy ways to improve your work-related trainings or group coaching.

Create a clear process for meaningful adult learning experiences.

Schedule a comprehensive strategy includes: auditing, planning, implementation, train-the-trainer, and evaluation processes to improve adult learning at work or in group coaching programs.

  • Get an AUDIT for a 60-minute session to start your strategic planning process for improving adult learning.

  • Review the CHECKLIST for adult learning effectiveness to start exploring learning outcomes.

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We collaborate with you to connect your business values and training outcomes

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Empathetic listening is key because understanding your vision, adult learners, and content enables us to service with excellence.

Your reputation matters therefore our services are customized because one-size-doesn't-fit all.

Best practices maintain quality and our recommendations are based on adult & workplace learning theory.

Effective and efficiency matters we believe in creating processes you can reuse for future projects.

and honesty, integrity, efficiency are always forthcoming.

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...empathy, detail orientation and storytelling

Dr. Carrie Graham is the real deal, managing the ideal blend of everything you want in a subject matter expert with pressing business needs. I was fortunate to have Carrie support an employee engagement project, where she took a set of survey results, created terrific, reliable reporting, derived great insights of what she found in the data, and led our work to meaningful, actionable recommendations. She uses great empathy, detail orientation and storytelling in her process, and she's a joy to work with. I highly recommend Carrie's thoughtful, accurate and expert approach to her work.

Dr. Nayla Bahri

Owner of Coaching for the Human at Work

Conversations about adult learning at work

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