Establish a strategic plan for your learning challenges.

  • Auditing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Designing for Adult Learning
  • Training-the-Trainer
  • Evaluating Results
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Businesses best served are struggling

to engage learners, support learning comprehension, and skills application

If the content is your own intellectual property (IP), you are facilitating curated content for your organization, or you are presenting information mandated by a governing body then here’s an opportunity for us to work together.

Our end goal is to improve active engagement, strategically build content for information retention, and reinforce skills application.

Our consulting services

create a clear path for meaningful learning experience.

Step 1: Auditing

  • Examine processes of learning & development
  • Identify gaps in content development & facilitation effectiveness
  • Inspect for adherence to regulation training
  • Report corrective actions and areas of good practice

Step 2: Planning

  • Collaboratively discuss audit report to identify strategic next steps
  • Use adult learning theory to establish appropriate foundation
  • Connect planning foundation to learning outcomes

Step 3: Designing for Adult Learning

  • Establish a comprehensive plan to achieve outcomes
  • Integrate organization values
  • Guide organization with strategy implementation
  • Customize strategies to improve learner engagement, retention, and skills application
  • Check

Step 4: Training-the-Trainer

  • Explore adult learning best practices for practical facilitation effectiveness
  • Incorporate facilitation skills development with individual strengths
  • Present innovative ways to meet learner needs

Step 5: Evaluating Outcomes

  • Create comprehensive assessments to measure outcomes
  • Analyze assessment data
  • Receive strengths & recommendations report for audit

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25-minute discovery calls provide clarity, confidence, and courage

in understanding your specific learning problem
in knowing there is a solution to your unique problem
to explore an innovative solution based on research

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