Achieve Training Goals in 5 Steps

  • Step 1: Assessment
  • Step 2: Strategic Planning
  • Step 3: Implementation
  • Step 4: Train-the-Trainer
  • Step 5: Evaluation

Businesses best served have
strong core values, clear business goals, and existing training content

The content is your own intellectual property (IP)

You are facilitating proprietary content for your organization

Your trainings are mandated by governing bodies

If you are...

If you have...

looking for full done-for-you services with branding
an existing training program that needs a refresh or total overhaul
unclear about learning objectives or your audience has different goals
clear business goals that your trainings help you achieve
looking for a platform where learners can access your information
an existing platform learners can access your information

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Step 1: Identify Training Gaps

The Training Assessment cover page

I was fortunate to have Carrie support an employee engagement project, where she took a set of survey results, created terrific, reliable reporting, derived great insights of what she found in the data, and led our work to meaningful, actionable recommendations.
- Dr. Bahri

Step 2: Plan Your Next Steps

  • Confidently plan your training
  • Establish a training strategy
  • Achieve business goals through training

Step 3: Implement for Your Business

Step 4: Improve Trainer Effectiveness

  • Be excited to train people in your business
  • Collaborate with your motivated audience
  • Present trainings with ease and confidence

Step 5: Understand Evaluation Methods

  • Use evaluation data to make decisions
  • Make evaluations useful for your business
  • Pinpoint how your training is saving your money

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